On the 24th March 2022, Houseclub are offering the chance for those who are considering moving but not quite yet ready, to get their homes valued without the need for a face to face visit. Our first Virtual Valuation Day gives you the chance to arrange a call via WhatsApp or FaceTime so you can show us around your home in a convenient and time friendly manner. We’ll advise of a likely selling price and answer any questions you might have on the selling process and fees you may encounter.

Managing Director John Harrison said “Whilst we would always prefer to visit your home in person, we consider this a very handy resource for those who want an idea without feeling the need or pressure to commit to selling immediately. Perhaps you need to get a feel of what yours is worth before you can start looking in earnest at what you might be able to buy? Perhaps you’d like to move but have no idea where to start? Perhaps you have no clue what yours is worth but if moving is a consideration it may motivate you to take things forward? - This day is ideal for all of those in that position.

Simply give the office a call on 01524 771888 and we’ll arrange your free, no obligation slot and we’ll call at that time so you can show us around.