Houseclub’s deal of the month for April is open to anyone struggling to sell with a different Estate Agent. Quite simply we will offer you £100 to give us a go with no caveats or catches. The market is vibrant and we are fast running out of saleable stock (as at the end of March 80% of our available stock was under offer). The £100 is payable upon instruction so is not a reduction in our fees upon completion - it is cash, paid to you, immediately upon giving us the go ahead to market. Managing Director John Harrison said "One of the key reasons for this incentive is that some agents are charging their clients withdrawal fees so they feel stuck/obliged to stay with them even though they aren’t getting the desired result. We hope in this situation, our offer can help contribute towards that fee to free up the client to sell with an agent they have confidence in and moreover an agent who themselves are confident will get a result. We don’t charge withdrawal fees ourselves because we believe if we don’t sell the property, we have failed and the client shouldn’t have to compensate us for that”. To take advantage of the deal feel free to make contact to arrange an appointment, we’d be delighted to help.