First timer buyer guide

Being a first time buyer is an exciting time but also one where you need to be armed with as much information about the buying process as possible to keep the process stress free. Our network of solicitors, financial advisors and surveyors can ensure your journey is a smooth one.

The buying process is actually quite simple and your timeline should look like the below:

1. Ensure you have a mortgage in place before viewing – Imagine finding your dream home and then learning you can’t afford it, or even worse, you can but someone else has got themselves into a better position? Our affiliate mortgage brokers can get you an agreement in principle for the borrowing so you know exactly what to look for.

2. Register with the various web portals on offer – Rightmove and Zoopla for example. This will ensure you get access quickly to any new available properties.

3. Don’t be frightened to view. Most agents will be delighted if you want to view several of their stock.

4. Build relationships with estate agents. They may often be able to give you the heads up on property before it hits the market. The better the relationship the more trust you will have in their judgment of picking the right stock to tell you about.

5. Have some rough criteria. An agent will struggle too help if you say you aren’t sure what you want or you’ll ‘look at anything and everything’.

6. When you have found the right house – make an offer and ensure the agent knows you have your mortgage in place. A good mortgage broker should be able to help guide you through the sales progression process.

7. Don’t pick a solicitor based on cost alone. These guys make the difference between a stressful sale and a stressless sale. A difference of a few hundred pounds could be the difference between the sale completing or not.

8. Ask questions – the agent should be able to advise you what happens next and what steps you need to take to keep the momentum going.

9. Ensure you keep in regular contact with the solicitor to avoid slipping to the bottom of the pile!

10. Ensure you don’t give notice on a rental accommodation until you have a firm date agreed by solicitors. The opposite happens more often than you’d realise and can cause huge stress.

Houseclub have a reputation as being an agent you can trust. We assist with the process throughout, we make sound local recommendations for associated services based on personal experiences and many first time buyers come back to us when they decide to sell.